The coronavirus crisis caused the month of March to be the worst in history for employment in the whole world in recent times. The number of members of Social Security fell by 833,979 people and it must be taken into account that the data does not include those that have been affected by ERTES. The confinement has forced numerous companies and freelancers to paralyze their activity and thousands of workers remain at home waiting for what will happen in the future and with the uncertainty of knowing the real consequences of the pandemic on the economy. Some are fortunate to continue developing their employment from home, but others cannot count on that opportunity. However, there are a few options to earn extra money during quarantine by telecommuting. And is that the Internet offers various business opportunities that can be done without leaving home.

Online tutor With the closing of schools and training centers, a good opportunity is to become a private teacher without leaving home. Websites like Classgap offer that possibility by setting the hours and prices yourself. These days the students follow their classes online and if there is something you are good at or you have extensive knowledge of, you can help them with their homework. (Photo: Getty Images).

Design T-shirts and other products If you are good at fashion design, there are pages on the Internet where you can sell your products. One of them is SpreadShirt, where you can hang your own t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs or mobile phone cases. If any user is interested in them, the platform is in charge of manufacturing and sending it to you and you keep a percentage. (Photo: Getty Images).

Sell your photos to image banks There are portals and image banks such as Twenty20, Fotolia, Getty or DepositPhotos that buy photos from professionals, who take a percentage each time a user acquires them. Also, if your jobs


Ebay Sales Assistant

On Ebay you can not only earn money by selling your products, but also as a sales assistant. For this, the platform requires several requirements, but if you succeed, you will get a percentage of your customers’ sales. (Photo: Getty Images).


Sell products you don’t use It is not a business in itself, but with platforms such as Wallapop you can enter extra money and at the same time easily get rid of things that you no longer use. During the quarantine you can send the product you sell without having to leave the house. (Photo: Getty Images).


Content editor One of the jobs that has grown the most thanks to the Internet is that of content editor. All web pages need texts of an informative, advertising or positioning in search engines and there are portals such as Publisuites or Textbroker where you can offer your services. You can also work with companies or individuals. (Photo: Getty Images).


Conduct online surveys Companies are interested in knowing the opinion of their clients and the way in which they can improve and therefore carry out different surveys. There are websites that collect them and that pay users a small amount to do them. Among them are GlobalTestMarket or Future Talkers. (Photo: Getty Images).

EIGHT.     Content Translator If you speak one or more foreign languages, one option is to work from home as a content and document translator. You can sign up on pages like One Hour Translation or Gengo, which will give you an initial test before contacting different clients. (Photo: Getty Images).

NINE.     Dropshipping Dropshipping is a business model that consists of creating your own online store without taking care of the product, storage and shipping. There are websites such as Prestashop or WooCommerce where you can open your stores, but you will have to take care of customer service, invoicing or creating databases, among other tasks. (Photo: Getty Images).


Show your creations Platforms like Patreon help creators or artists showcase their talent so they can receive funding for their projects directly from their followers.


Publish to desktop publishing platforms If yours is writing you can publish your books or manuals on desktop publishing platforms such as Amazon or Bubok. In case someone is interested in your creations and buys them, you will receive an amount.


TWELVE.   Test web pages When a company or anyone is going to launch a web page, they need to check that there is not the slightest error and for this they have the services of the so-called beta testers. There are pages like UserTesting where you can register and start working on it.