5 reasons to create a website

Why create a website? The question may seem trivial because everyone believes they know and know the benefits of having a personal portal. But it is so? Who is the website for?

reasons to create a website.

A company certainly, this way can be found by people looking for the name online. And does it have the ability to communicate all information through an official source ? No, you can’t use Facebook as a website — you need to have a (cheap) domain to welcome customers.

The same goes for a freelancer who has to be found, but these are not the only people who need such a job. There are also associations, non-profit organizations, employees who look after their own identity.

There are many figures who need an online presence . But why create a website? What is it for? It’s important? Here are 5 reasons to activate a property portal.

Be found by those who are looking for you on the web


  • Be found by those who are looking for you on the web
  • With a website you start building authority
  • Protect your name from competitors
  • Position yourself on Google for multiple keywords
  • With a website you can start advertising
  • Why create a website according to you

This is the first reason to confront those who ask why to create a website : to make sure that people, looking for your private or business name, find an official source. That is to say a virtual place with clear information about who you are, where you are and what you propose.

Are people searching for your brand on Google? Do they find it? There is a very high probability (I’m not talking about certainty because there can be singular cases) of having good visibility in the serp when you buy a domain with your name and create a quality website .

It is not certain that there is the first position, it also depends on any cases of homonymy with other realities, but if you want to give concreteness and reliability this is the first step: opening a site.

With a website you start building authority

Let me elaborate on this point. Why create a website? In addition to being found on Google and getting visibility when they look for your name, with a quality website you can start that complex job of building an online authority that will allow you to have great benefits. But you have to follow a set of rules to get the best result.

For example, you have to put aside the idea of ​​creating a website for free, perhaps with a third level domain. Furthermore, you must respect the main parameters to ensure a good user experience such as careful and responsive design, fast loading speed, presence of SSL certificate and absence of intrusive advertising. Do you want to give an idea of ​​professionalism ?

You need a superior product. That’s why creating a website is paid , you can’t settle for a poor portal. It would be the mirror of your business and you can’t afford this misstep. When a potential customer hears about you, they look for your name, find the site and you must welcome them in a place designed to be comprehensive, safe, clear, reliable. This also happens thanks to the purchase of a quality hosting .

Protect your name from competitors

The moment you are there, you have acquired your position on the search results page, you can speak with your own voice. Authoritative . Without a website you are dumb but, above all, defenseless against the competition. Which does not necessarily have to ignore the fact that the website is absent: a competitor can also buy the domain and keep it still, blocked, immobile.

This means that you cannot use it for your business. You may not be interested today but what will you do when the time comes when that domain is needed? Who will you ask the competitor? Maybe he can redirect his site or create a portal to confuse those looking for your brand. The alternatives are many, not always easy to deal with.

Even if you don’t want to create the website right away (maybe it’s not the right time) it’s always a good idea to have domains with the main extensions of your name or brand.

Position yourself on Google for multiple keywords

That’s right, the website is important because it allows you to trigger an inbound marketing process . So you let people find you when they really need you. And not when they look for you by name and surname . Of course, this is also important.

But it doesn’t happen immediately, maybe at the beginning no one knows you so your name doesn’t exist in people’s heads. But you can start to make your brand discovered if you open a blog together with the site . That is to say an online diary capable of creating and publishing articles that go beyond commercial content: they answer the questions of the public, of potential customers.

So you position yourself for informational queries (which are the majority), intercept potential customers and increase profits . At least this is the plan, in reality the difficulties increase but all this is possible only if you stop asking yourself who needs a site and open your portal.

With a website you can start advertising

You don’t have to have a portal for online advertising. But from this point a professional path begins that leads you to approach the sponsorship work with a different perspective. On the site, for example, you can create landing pages. That is to say sections designed for a specific product or service that serve to transform visitors into customers.

At this point you can create campaigns on Facebook or Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and promote these sections in order to bring profiled users to realities that can optimize conversions. Can this happen without a site? Do you really believe?

Difficult, I know of no alternatives . If you want to seriously exploit your online work and increase your turnover with web marketing, this is one of the best known and most useful ways.

Why create a website according to you

I have left my point of view divided into sections. Here you will find the advantages for those who decide to invest part of their business in the creation of a digital entity, a representation of their being a company, organization, VAT number, professional. What do you think a website is for? Do you have the answer? Leave her questions, experiences, opinions in the comments.

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