how much money can you make writing on medium

Can You Make Money Writing on Medium? Is it worth it spending my time writing on Medium? Can I make up to $1000, $2000 per month
Medium is the only platform on the Internet today that allows anyone to register, post articles, and get paid immediately. And yes – you can definitely make money through the Medium Partner Program . The Intermediate Partner Program has been used by thousands of authors, and it’s not a scam (as some have suggested) .

However, the amount of writing earnings for Medium can vary widely (top writers in September made a staggering $49,581.31 ) . However, this is an anomaly. As you will see, later in this article, the average earnings on Medium are very far from this amount.

I’ve been publishing content on Medium for over a year now, and have updated this article to reflect my experience.

How Much Money Do Writers Make on Medium?

In the age of internet marketing and self-help gurus, it’s hard to believe what you read online, especially if it involves making money.

So while this is by no means a thoroughly scientific answer, the following screenshot offers some testimonials about earning potential on Medium.

Given that great results are usually lauded (and will later be posted), I would assume that all of these writers experienced at least short-term success that would place them in the top 10-25% of paid writers on Medium.

Latest Official Middle Income Figures

Here are some other Statistical Media included in their Partner Program as of September 2020 :

  • $16,685.50 – highest amount earned for a single story
  • $49,705.40 – the highest amount earned by a single author
  • 6.4% – percentage of active writers earning more than $100
  • $4,290.43 – highest amount earned for one story
  • $8,390.03 – the highest amount earned by a single author
  • 8.1% – percentage of active writers earning more than $100

There are three graphs below:

The first chart consists of all available data from the Medium Partner Program Update . Some of these statistics (such as the most gains from a publication) are no longer valid due to changes in the Partner Program payout structure. I keep it in an attempt to retain all Medium related earnings as data.


Medium blogging guide

The second graph highlights (1) what an author earned the most in a month ; and (2) the most income for one article in a month .

The third chart shows the % of “active writers” who earned that month, and the % of authors who earned at least $100 that month .

As noted above, Medium changed its earnings reporting methodology in July 2018 to report “percentage of active authors earning more than $100” instead of disclosing average earnings per author.

Anecdotal Medium Results

Based on my experience over the past year, I’d say it’s realistic for someone who puts in a decent part-time writing effort to make $100–$500 per month .

Given the extremely burdensome search algorithm Medium recency of the story, I would say that a writer who is consistently able to generate content tha can be marketed to generate $ 500- $ 1,500 per month without Medium displayed on the home page or in a major publication. How often Do Top Earning Intermediate Writers Publish Stories?

If you can be featured in your own Medium publication over and over again, develop a large following, and can produce several curated articles per day , you could potentially make $2,000–$25,000+ per month .

How Are Intermediate Payouts Calculated?

Note: Medium changed its payment methodology on October 28, 2019. The legacy payment system, based on claps, is listed below, for reference. The new payment systems, based on member reading time, are listed below.

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