12 Proven Ways To Make Money With WordPress


1 Freelance writer (also known as content creation)

2 Create and monetize a blog

3 WordPress Courses

4 E-commerce and dropshipping.

Blog customization service

6 Website maintenance

SEO and marketing services

8 Security Consulting and Solutions

9 WordPress Plugin Development

10 WordPress Themes Development

11 Theme customization

12 WordPress Design Services

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Many people today have found ways to make tons of money with WordPress. There are many different ways in which you can also make a living online.

Have you ever thought about making money on WordPress? If so, then this detailed post is a real treat for you! Here are 12 proven ways to make money with WordPress. The methods below require different skill sets, so even if you’re not a developer, rest assured, WordPress is full of possibilities for you!

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1 Freelance writer (also known as content creation)

It’s easy to get started — if you have a text input device and an Internet connection, you can create content for other websites. There are millions of websites and they all need fresh content.

While this list is full of ways to make money on WordPress, content creation extends to almost every niche. Just visit your favorite online blogs. Many have author app pages where you can submit your articles and get paid for them. This way, you will not only get great backlinks from highly ranked sites, but you will also get paid for your hard work.

You can also find jobs for writing WordPress content on job posting sites. A couple to look out for include Upwork and ProBlogger Jobs, both of which currently have many writing jobs available.

Before applying, it would be a good idea to create an online portfolio to showcase your previous work. In particular, you should make sure to include a CV, active social media profiles, and links to recently posted posts (or if you’re just starting to create a few posts on your own blog that you can use as

examples). This way potential employers will be able to evaluate your writing style, as well as spread the word about your articles on blogs and social networks.

2 Create and monetize a blog

In the online world, it is always advised to create a website for your business. What are you waiting for? Start your own WordPress blog and start making money!

Not sure how to get started with your WordPress site? Check out our simple blog building guide that walks you through the steps of building a website. The key steps are choosing a domain and hosting, installing WordPress, choosing a theme, installing plugins, and adding posts and pages.

Blogging is a great way to generate passive income. You can make money through affiliate marketing, selling ads, sponsored reviews, and more. From my blog. It doesn’t require any extra effort on your part — it’s just a way to take full advantage of the content and traffic you already have.

Most marketplaces and service providers offer affiliate programs . Some of our personal favorites that are easy to work with include Themeforest , Shareasale , CJ Affiliate, and Creative Market . Just sign up for a FREE account and add links to your posts where it feels natural.

To sell ads, you can either offer your own ad packages or work through a company like BuySellAds . Or sign up for a Google Adsense account and paste your code so the Google Network handles ads and you get a little little check every month.

You can also offer sponsored posts on your blog. Add a page or contact form to your website so brands can connect with you and pay you for reviews, guides, list-style posts, or whatever. Just be sure to state in your sponsored posting agreement that all opinions will be honest, and make sure you add a disclaimer to the final published posting that it is sponsored.

You can also use your website to promote other income-generating activities (which we’ll cover below) such as premium courses, products, or services.

3 WordPress Courses

Are you confident enough in your abilities? Create a course! Millions of people are using the Internet to learn new skills. All you have to do is create (and monetize) courses to help them. Teach people gardening, share cooking tips, or even share your own blog tutorial. Once you’ve narrowed down your subject area, you have several options for creating and monetizing your online course.

The first is to use your website simply as a marketing platform to host courses on a third-party e-learning site . Popular options include sites like Udemy, where you can upload your courses and set your own prices, or Lynda, where your course is part of a general membership. Both offer easy ways to get started quickly. Just keep in mind that with these platforms, you don’t keep the full amount paid for your course (Udemy takes a 3–50% reduction in your course cost, while Lynda pays based on your views per month).

The second option is to go for broke and use WordPress to build your website and host courses. This way you manage your rates, set your prices and get all the benefits. And you’re in luck — there are a number of plugins out there that make it easy to create courses with WordPress. Just use our guide to create an online course with WordPress to learn more. Or, you can use the membership plugin to create a paid section of your website for members only with exclusive content. It could be courses, blog posts, videos, downloadable tools or resources — really anything you want to offer.

4 E-commerce and dropshipping.

In addition to knowledge, you can also share downloadable or tangible goods with your readers. It takes a little work to get started, but WordPress is a fantastic platform for building ecommerce websites.

Why e-commerce ? Now more than ever, people are shopping online. And with WordPress, you just need to install a plugin like WooCommerce to create an online store . Compared to other ecommerce options, WooCommerce is completely free and offers many useful features that you can use to customize your store

In addition to a regular showcase for your own products, WordPress can also be used to create a dropshipping store . In this case, you sell products directly to buyers, but they are sent by a third party (similar to how Amazon often handles shipping for smaller sellers using its platform). Whether you’re using WooCommerce or Shopify, this method usually involves using a plugin or using settings to send shipping information directly to the supplier. If this sounds like the right business plan for you, there are a number of plugins you can use to create a dropshipping business with WordPress.

5 Blog customization service

Are you a beginner or a part-time blogger who doesn’t have much development experience, even if you want to make money with WordPress? If so, then a blog creation service is the perfect option for you. Even beginners can offer such a service! But how?

A lot of people want to use WordPress on their blogs, but they just don’t have the technical knowledge to get started. Therefore, they choose a blog customization service. Your job as a blog customization service provider will be to install WordPress, download a WordPress theme, add recommended plugins, etc.

To get customers, you can start with a simple blog customization service page on your website. To drive leads or special traffic to this page, add banners for your service on your own site, try visiting other blogs for guest posting, leave comments on forums with a link to your site, log into social media and invest in paid advertising if you can. If you are targeting a smaller or local audience (for example, “a blog customization service for gardeners” or “a blog customization service in Savannah, Georgia”), this is often much more affordable than you might think. If people are interested in your offer, they will contact you.

When creating a service page, consider adding multiple price points with higher service levels. For example, you might have a basic $ 100 blog customization service that includes installing WordPress, downloading the theme, and adding demo theme content. You can then offer the SEO plugin customization as a $ 20 upsell or as part of a premium customization service bundled with a few other features (like breadcrumbs, homepage customization, etc.).

Alternatively, you can provide you with blog customization services for free , but you will have to rely on affiliate links on your services page. For example, you can offer free blog customization when purchasing Bluehost hosting when a customer uses your specific affiliate link. Bluehost offers competitively priced hosting plans that new bloggers can afford, as well as generous affiliate commissions in excess of $ 65 for every successful signup. Similarly, you can offer themes, plugins, security services, and other partner products to users when they register through your service page. Just remember to only recommend products that you have tested and are good.

6 Website maintenance

We mentioned setting up a blog, but there is a huge opportunity to generate recurring income through maintenance services . Many website owners don’t want to go about their day to day website management tasks — they just want people to be able to find them online. And this is where you come in. Maintenance can include WordPress updates, security monitoring, theme and plugin updates, hosting management, CDN setup, etc. For pretty much anything you already do for your own website, you can get a monthly fee to do for others.

It is important to note that if you go this route, you will want to use a site management plugin to make your life easier. Here are some of the best options:

  • InfiniteWP
  • MainWP


All of these plugins allow you to manage core, theme and plugin updates, as well as track SEO, site speed, comments, and even backups from a single panel. Thus, you can provide your customers with comprehensive maintenance services without having to monitor each site separately.

7 SEO and marketing services

If you’ve taken the time to learn how to optimize your site, you can certainly put these skills into practice. SEO is a huge part of building a website and can be very difficult for some people. This is why SEO services usually require premium prices. Whether you help with content optimization, link building, site speed, or other SEO aspects, this is definitely an area that many website owners will pay for.

Marketing services go hand in hand with SEO. Managing ads is time consuming as it requires graphics creation, keyword research, bid strategy, placement, and more. In addition, a good marketing campaign includes several formats — Google ads, newsletters, social media, etc. Armed with the knowledge and connections you’ve already built for your own website, you can certainly lend a helping hand to customers. In most cases, marketing services include a fee based plus a percentage based on traffic or increase in conversions.

8 Security Consulting and Solutions

For those who are confident in their security abilities, and especially in their programming skills, security consulting can be extremely lucrative. Security is of the utmost importance for every website owner. Some areas you might want to consider include:

  • Security Auditing : Additional software auditing services are available, but you can also do this manually. Whichever route you choose, make sure it covers key security aspects like WordPress defaults, passwords, access to user roles, file permissions, updates, security plugin settings, backup settings (via plugin or hosting) , server configuration, SSL certificate, etc.
  • Overall security hardening : It can be as simple as offering a professional customization service for a robust security plugin like iThemes Security Pro , Wordfence, or All in One WP Security & Firewall .
  • Setting up SSL : SSL is tricky, so why not help website owners create and install their SSL certificate correctly.
  • Malware Removal : If you know WordPress files like the back of your hand, then malware removal is the way to go. Whether you choose to remove suspicious code manually or using a plugin, this can certainly be added to your general security services.

Of course, there are other aspects of WordPress security, but this is a great place to start if web security is your passion.

9 WordPress Plugin Development

If you’ve used WordPress, you should know one thing — you can’t blog without using at least a few plugins, right? Everyone uses plugins to add additional features that help to successfully blog WordPress. There are thousands of plugins available in WordPress — some are completely free, others offer paid upgrades, and the rest are premium.

If you find a solution to the problem and create a plugin for it (that your audience might be interested in), there is absolutely nothing to prevent you from generating income from it. Analyze several existing plugins (preferably from a similar niche) that are making decent money. See if they are using premium (paid plugin) or freemium (free plugin with paid upgrade). Are they using WordPress.org, a marketplace, or relying on their own website to promote? You can also check the comments / reviews to see what kind of support might be right for you. Then figure out how you can do the same to create consistent cash flow!

If you are thinking of making money selling WordPress plugins, be sure to create them with a specific need in mind. One of the best examples in this category is the Elementor page builder . This megapage plugin is focused on making it easy to create custom page layouts and is already used by over 4 million WordPress sites. In addition, the plugin developer monetized their creation by releasing a premium version of Elementor Pro with more advanced features.

You can sell your WordPress plugins on CodeCanyon . You can also sell it from your own blog or create a separate site for it. You can also make money working on your own plugin projects.

10 WordPress Themes Development

Are you a web designer or developer? Yes? Then you can make money developing WordPress themes. You don’t have to be a top-notch designer or programmer to create a great looking WordPress theme, but you should definitely know what you are designing for your target audience. After all, you have to know who you are designing your theme for, otherwise you won’t find zero audience for your theme.

So many companies develop fantastic WordPress themes to generate passive income. For example, people like Brain Clarke founded StudioPress (and later sold it to WP Engine, which now includes all StudioPress themes for FREE in their hosting plans) and our own AJ Clarke created WPExplorer themes (including our # 1 WordPress theme overall) to create quality and attractive themes for WordPress websites. They have done well over the years simply by hiring a few designers and selling eye-catching themes.

If you are just getting started when it comes to creating WordPress themes and are not confident enough to do it alone, you can form a team. Or you can join an enterprise that is already creating themes for others. This way, it won’t be difficult for you to make money doing your job.

You can sell your WordPress themes on Template Monster , Themeforest , Creative Market, or you can sell them from your own website. Just like plugins, you can also work on custom WordPress theme projects for clients to earn extra money.

11 Theme customization

Are you a seasoned developer with extra time? Try offering customization services. Many developers make a decent additional income by offering customization services for websites, themes and / or plugins on WordPress job sites .

Anyway, there are many WordPress users out there who can install the theme (or perhaps their hosting provider suggested this along with customizing their WordPress installation), but they don’t have the technical ability to make changes. For example:

  • Custom page layouts
  • Custom post types
  • Logo / branding creation
  • Social media integration
  • Mailing settings
  • ecommerce store setup
  • Plugin config

Of course, this is a very small example, since WordPress has so many aspects. You can offer your services at a fixed price per task, or set aside your time at a variable hourly rate.

12 WordPress Design Services

One of the latest ways to make money online with WordPress is by offering one -stop design services . This can only be done easily if you are well versed in WordPress — creating custom designs for clients and building a complete website from scratch. Developers who work directly with clients on custom sites charge thousands for their work. So while this option may require additional knowledge and effort, it is well worth it. And you can combine several of the other monetization methods mentioned in this list to create an overall service package (custom theme, blog customization, security customization, ongoing maintenance, etc.).

Sites like Codeable , Upwork, and Toptal are great places to advertise your accessibility to customer service. You can also offer your services through your own website if you want to skip the middleman. Make sure you have a great portfolio if you are thinking of earning passive income with this method. In particular, don’t forget to ask customers for feedback if they are happy with your work, or share a review of your services, which you can post on your website or share on social media. It can really increase your online sales as testimonials from top bloggers are great social proof .

End of note

You don’t need to be a WordPress genius to make a living. If you can do any of the above and know how to market yourself or your product, you have a lot of chances to make some really good money with WordPress. Also, find out what your target audience really wants; this way you will be on the right track.