Methods of Making Money Online in 2020!

I discovered that it was possible to make money online in 2011, at a stage in my life when I felt totally lost. Back then I was working as a programmer at Microsoft headquarters in the United States, and although I had a prestigious and well-paid job, inside I was not happy. I knew that I didn’t want to spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, locked in an office with no windows. I also knew that I wanted to travel more, live great adventures and visit all the wonderful places that I still had to see. There was only one problem: I had no idea how to do all of that without my lottery going. Luckily, one day the 4-hour work week fell into my hands, a book that showed me that it was possible to dedicate myself to a profession or create a 100% online business that would give me the freedom, flexibility and money to carry my ideal life.

As a result of reading that book I started to investigate… and only a year and a half later I had managed to set up a small website that generated around € 1,500 per month.

The rest is history.

Thanks to that small business I was able to quit my job at Microsoft, put a backpack on my shoulder and make my dream of traveling the world come true.

Since then I live on the Internet, and I can proudly say that I lead the life that I have decided to live.

But do you know what is best of all?

That I'm not the only one who has succeeded.

In recent years I have been fortunate to be able to help thousands of people reinvent themselves or earn extra money online thanks to new professions and digital businesses.

And in this post I want to help you too.

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The advantages of professions and online businesses
My goal with Vivir al Máximo is to help you create a life that suits you, whatever that means to you.

Maybe in your case it is having a job that fills you, that allows you to lead a good standard of living and in which you can take 3 months of vacation per year.

Maybe your priority is your family, and what you want is to be able to take your children to school and have free time to play with them every afternoon.

Or maybe your dream is to have geographic freedom and live traveling, as I did in its day.
As I say, the definition of "a life for you" is something personal. But in my experience, whatever you are looking for, the professions and businesses that allow you to earn money online are one of the best options to get there because they have a series of advantages that traditional businesses and jobs do not offer, such as ... Geographical freedom Schedule flexibility Income detached from time Low costs to start Plus, they don't require official degrees, going to college, or training for years. Unfortunately, even though earning a living (or generating extra income) through the Internet is a great opportunity, very few people take this path because they don't even know it exists. Therefore, in this post I want to explain what are the best professions and online businesses to earn money online in 2020, what advantages and disadvantages each one has, and what you need to start. And if that were not enough, I will give you real examples of people who have successfully traveled these paths to inspire you, and I will share with you the best resources so that you can follow in their footsteps. Ready? Well let's do it 🙂 IMPORTANT: The options that I propose below to earn money online are real professions and business models that require work and dedication. Here you will not find magic methods that promise you passive income for life without any effort on your part. In fact, later I explain what are the ways to generate income online that you should avoid, either because they do not work, because they are dishonest or because they are directly a scam. If you are looking for easy money or fast money I am very sorry, but this is not your blog.

How to make money online: the 13 best ways to do it 1. Create a personal blog and monetize it Make money online with a blog There are more than 600 million blogs in the world. Surely you already follow several of them (for example this one), and maybe you even have your own or have had it at some point in your life ... What you may not know is that a blog can be the basis of a business that generates thousands of euros every month. What is a blog and how you can earn money with it A blog is a type of web page in which its author regularly publishes content on a specific topic: personal development, marketing, video games, fishing ... or anything else you can imagine. Unlike other business models like niche pages, where the goal is to get as much traffic as possible, the key to monetizing a blog is to create an audience of readers who read to you week after week. To do this, you need to publish articles, videos or podcasts that bring visits to your website, and then get those visits to subscribe to your mailing list so that you can inform them every time you publish something new. In this way, those users will stop being occasional readers and will become subscribers. By reading you every week, your subscribers will start to see you as a friend and an expert in your sector, which after a while will allow you to generate income in different wa

Selling them a service
Selling them an infoproduct
Offering them third party products as an affiliate
Placing ads from Google Adsense or another advertising network
That being said, chances are that you don't have to choose how to monetize your blog, but rather that your own readers with their messages and comments will tell you what problems they have and what you should sell them to help them.

What you need to create a blog and monetize it
Building an audience from scratch is a time consuming task.

Therefore, to create a blog and monetize it successfully you need to find a topic that you like as much as to publish content about it on a regular basis.

Furthermore, these contents cannot be just any content, so you will have to learn to create quality content that really adds value to the readers you want to attract.

Fortunately, you don't have to have millions of subscribers or reach influencer status in order to make a living from your blog. With 1,000 true fans is enough.

I also tell you that creating an audience is a social task that requires continuous interaction with other people.

That means that you have to like answering comments, answering the emails of your followers and having a real vocation to help them (and put up with the odd troll).

As for the technical part, don't worry about it.

It is not the most important thing, and you can learn to manage it easily or hire someone to take care of it 🙂

Resources to create your blog
The 10 most common mistakes when starting a blog. These are the main reasons why most blogs never go anywhere.
The only tools you need to set up your blog. Starting a blog does not have to be complicated. You only need the 6 tools that I explain in this post.
A proven 6-step system to get your blog off to a good start. Discover my proven system to create a blog that works.
How to win money with a blog. The different strategies that you can use to monetize your blog once you have managed to create an audience.
Discover my system step by step to create a blog that changes the lives of you and your readers in this free online training. Advantages of creating a personal blog and monetizing it Very satisfying on a personal level It allows you to meet like-minded people and opens the door to all kinds of opportunities You do not depend as much on Google as in the case of niche pages because you have a mailing list that you control You don't need to have a giant audience to start monetizing Disadvantages of creating a personal blog and monetizing it Creating an audience and personal brand takes time You have to publish content regularly, especially at the beginning Although you can post under a pseudonym, you are publicly exposed, with all that that implies 2. Work as a copywriter Make money online as a copywriter All companies, both online and traditional, need texts: If a company has a website, someone has to write the texts on the different pages If a company has a mailing list, someone has to compose the e-mails that are sent to the subscribers If a company has a catalog, someone has to choose the right words to describe each product Realize that these texts cannot be written by anyone, because they have a brutal impact on the brand and sales. You have to leave them in the hands of a word expert, and that expert is the copywriter.
What is the job of a copywriter A copywriter is a professional who is dedicated to writing texts that aim to get someone who reads them to do something: visit a website, click a button, sign up for a newsletter, buy a product ... Those texts include ... Articles for a blog or other online publication Home Pages "About me" or "About" pages Pages to capture e-mails (squeeze pages) Sales pages Facebook Ads Launch emails Conversion funnels … And a long etcetera Many people confuse the profession of copywriter with that of editor or journalist, but they are different things. The difference is that a copy writes with the intention of persuading the person reading its texts to carry out a certain action, while an editor or journalist writes only for the purpose of informing or entertaining. That makes the profession of copywriter much more valued in the job market and it is a perfect option to create a life to suit you. What do you need to work as a copywriter Contrary to what many people think, to work as a copywriter you don't need to be a creative person. And it is that to write the type of texts that a copy creates you only have to do two things: Investigate (about the client you work for, about the product you want to sell, about the audience you are targeting ...) Apply the corresponding formula Of course, you also have to love writing, because you're going to write a lot. But you don't need to be Vargas Llosa or have any special talent. Resources to become a copywriter Copywriting: what it is and how to become a professional copywriter. A step-by-step roadmap to earn a living as a copy ... even if you don't have previous experience or knowledge. How to live from writing without publishing any book, with Javi Pastor. Interview with Javi Pastor, one of the best copywriters in Spain, in which he tells how he became a copy and what are the keys to succeed in this profession. How to turn your passion for writing into a job for you, with Anina Anyway. Interview with Anina Anyway, author of 2 books and freelance copy for more than 4 years, in which she explains how copywriting has allowed her to make her dream of living from writing come true. Discover the system that Javi Pastor uses to write any sales text and his best strategies to get clients as copy in this free class. Advantages of working as a copywriter
High demand. All big and small companies need texts The professional exits are very varied. You can specialize in the sector or in the type of texts you prefer You don't need to have great talent or great creativity Disadvantages of working as a copywriter Even if you write the texts, the more likely it is that someone else will sign them. You do not write what you want, but what your client asks you 3. Work as a digital trafficker Earn money online as a trafficker At the moment there are more than 3,000,000 self-employed and small businesses registered in Spain. And most of them have the same problem: they need more clients. The profession of digital trafficker was born to help all these people in the fastest and most effective way that exists today, which is to advertise on the Internet. What is the profession of digital trafficker A digital trafficker is a specialist in online advertising. His main job is to create ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other networks with the aim of helping freelancers and small businesses to get more clients. That usually includes tasks like ... Write the ad copy Choose the images or videos to use Design the offer together with the client Create the landing page to send users to Create a small sales funnel Analyze campaign results Make the necessary optimizations
As you can see, a trafficker is not only dedicated to creating advertising campaigns, but his work goes much further. What do you need to work as a digital trafficker Obviously, to be able to work as a digital trafficker you will need to learn to create, manage and analyze advertising campaigns. But watch out! Not campaigns of all kinds, but only the kinds of campaigns necessary to help freelancers and small businesses get clients. Similarly, you do not need to master advertising on all platforms that exist. You only need to know how to create online campaigns in which you decide to specialize. This is key, because it means that you can train as a trafficker and start serving real customers in a matter of 2-3 months. In addition to that, if you want to be a trafficker, it is convenient that you like to analyze and interpret data and that you are able to write well, because they are tasks that you will have to do a lot. Resources to become a digital trafficker How to hack the system to succeed on the Internet in record time, with Roberto Gamboa. Interview with Roberto Gamboa, director of the Online Traffic Institute, in which he talks in detail about the profession of trafficker and explains how advertising on the Internet allowed him to go from 0 to more than 2 million euros in turnover and create a life to suit him . Advantages of working as a digital trafficker It is one of the professions most in demand at the moment With the help of a good training you can go from not knowing anything about advertising to living from it in a very short time (just 3-6 months) The same knowledge that you use to help other companies helps you to get your own clients Disadvantages of working as a digital trafficker To get practical experience you need to spend money from your pocket on advertising campaigns or find a client or friend who trusts you. What works on the different ad platforms changes continuously, so you have to be always up to date in order to offer a good service to your customers. 4. Create Affiliate Niche Pages

After reading The 4-Hour Work Week, I had no idea what kind of business I could create. I only knew that I wanted something that was 100% digital and that did not require full-time dedication on my part, because at that time I had a 9 to 6 job that I couldn't leave. For several weeks, I was reading and researching on forums and blogs. And finally, I opted for a business model that a year and a half later allowed me to quit my job (and that still works very well today): niche pages. What is it and how to make money with a niche page A niche page, as its name indicates, is a website on a very specific theme or niche. For example, dive products or dinosaur information. The operation of this business model is very simple: You ride the web Create content on the theme you have chosen You use SEO techniques (search engine optimization, or English search engine optimization) to position that content in the top positions of Google and thus get traffic Once you have traffic, you generate income using one of the different monetization strategies that exist Of all the possible ways to earn money with a niche page (Google Adsense, CPA, private advertisers, etc.), my favorite is affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing, which is promoting products in exchange for a sales commission. For example, imagine you have created a niche page about coffee machines. In that case, you could sign up for the Amazon affiliate program, and in your article on the best capsule coffee machines, every time you mention a model of coffee maker, you could include an "affiliate link" that leads to the Amazon page of the product. An affiliate link works like a normal link, but it carries an identifier of yours. In this way, when a user clicks on it Amazon knows that it comes from you, and if that person ends up buying something in the next 24 hours you get a commission. There are many online stores that have an affiliate program, but Amazon's is the most popular due to the wide variety of products it offers on its website and the fact that most people are already used to shopping there. What do you need to create a niche page To create a niche page you don't need great technical knowledge. All you need is ... Know how to identify a profitable niche to get into Learning to create and configure a website, which today with platforms like WordPress is quite simple

Being able to create quality content regularly (at least in the beginning, until the web works alone or you earn enough to delegate it) Have a basic knowledge of SEO to know what content to create and get them to be positioned in the top positions of Google Although the first months you will have to work hard to mount the web, write the first articles and position them, once a niche page begins to receive traffic in a stable way it becomes a fairly passive source of income. You don't have to keep posting every week like on a blog. That's why I chose this business model when I started: because I could easily make it compatible with my work. Resources for creating a niche page How I created a passive online business to go travel the world. The complete story of how I set up the niche page that allowed me to leave Microsoft and make my dream of traveling the 5 continents with a backpack a reality. How to improve your social skills and earn thousands of euros a month with niche pages, with Pau Forner Navarro. Interview with Pau Forner, a friend who has spent several years living on his niche pages and who today bills between € 15,000 and € 20,000 with them every month. Learn step by step to create a niche page for affiliates that will generate income for you month by month in this free online training by my friend Javier Elices. Advantages of dedicating yourself to niche pages It is a business model compatible with having a full-time job You learn very useful skills for other types of projects, such as creating a website, creating content or positioning yourself in Google It does not require that you create a personal brand or that you expose yourself publicly, as in the case of a blog Once it's working, it can become a fairly passive source of income
Disadvantages of dedicating yourself to niche pages Your income depends directly on Google Writing on express pots or chainsaws may not be particularly satisfying for you on a personal level It is a difficult business model to scale There is more and more competition, so to be successful you need to follow a good system 5. Sell handmade things online (crafter) Make money online with handmade products Until very recently, people who were engaged in arts and crafts or crafts could only sell their creations on the street or in specialized markets. Or hopefully, if they had a certain reputation and could afford it, they could open a small store in their town. Fortunately, the digital revolution has also reached the handmade sector, and now the creators of handmade products can reach customers around the world via the Internet. This evolution of the traditional artisan profession is called crafter, and more and more people are dedicated to it. What is the profession of crafter A crafter is a professional who is dedicated to designing - and usually also creating - handmade things, and who sells them over the Internet. That includes clothing, jewelry and accessories, furniture, toys, art, decoration ... and any other type of product you can imagine, including digital products such as illustrations, photographs or cartoons. Most crafters do not sell their creations directly through their own online store, but rather through specialized platforms, which makes their work much easier and allows them to reach millions of people around the world.

What do you need to sell handmade products online If you want to work as a crafter you need to be a creative person and have a unique product that is designed by you and that you (or someone from your team) manufacture in an artisanal way. It can be a physical or digital product, but it has to be handmade, designer or vintage. (Reselling products that someone else has designed and created is also a possibility. However, it is a totally different profession from crafter.) In addition to having a product, you must be able to sell it online. And as I was saying before, the best way to do this is learning to use one of the specialized platforms that exist, such as Etsy. In this way you will not have to worry about creating your own e-commerce or managing to attract traffic to your website. Finally, for your product to go well it has to be good. There are a lot of people who have arts and crafts as a hobby, but if you intend to make it your profession or a source of additional income, you will need a minimum of quality and talent. Resources for Selling Handmade Products Online How to live from selling handmade products on Etsy, with Mireia Solsona. Interview with Mireia Solsona, creator of the Mimètik Bcn brand, in which she explains how she has managed to invoice almost 1 million euros selling wedding dresses on Etsy and what are the keys to succeed as a crafter. Discover how to sell your handmade products online even if you don't have a budget or technical knowledge in this free training by my friend Mireia Solsona. Advantages of selling handmade things online Thanks to platforms like Etsy you don't need technical knowledge (you don't even need to know how to create a website) to reach potential customers around the world People who buy crafts and handmade products know how to value the work they require, and are willing to pay a fair price for them. It is an ideal profession for those creative people who have crafting and craf

Disadvantages of selling handmade things online It is not a profession for everyone. You have to like the world of handmade products a lot and you need to have talent Even if you sell online, you need to manage stock, make shipments, process returns, etc. It is a difficult business to scale compared to others that are 100% digital 6. Work as a programmer Earn money online as a programmer The labor market is governed by the law of supply and demand. If the supply is high and the demand is low, which is what happens with most professions taught at the university today, it will be difficult for you to find work and the salaries they will offer you will be low because companies have many candidates among the ones to choose. On the contrary, if the supply is low and the demand is high for a certain profession, the opposite will happen: it will be easy for you to find a well-paid job because the candidates are scarce and it is the companies that have to compete for them. Well, right now there is a profession with a very high demand and a very low supply throughout the world, for which there is no unemployment and in which employees enjoy unbeatable conditions because companies do not want to lose them. It is the profession of programmer. What is the job of a programmer A programmer is a professional who is dedicated to creating software and applications. It does this by writing code in one or more of the different programming languages ​​that exist: Javascript, Phyton, Go, Java, C ++, etc. Although the main task of a programmer is to program, he is usually also in charge of designing new features, creating tests, correcting errors and writing documentation. The programmer profession can be exercised as an employee or as a freelance, and it can be done 100% online, and although there are still many companies that continue to force their programmers to go to the office, it is one of the sectors most open to remote work. right now. What do you need to work as a programmer There are still many people who believe that to work as a programmer you need to go to university for 4 years and earn a degree in Computer Engineering, but this is not the case. In fact, you don't even need to spend 2 years doing a VET module. Programmers are in such high demand today that intensive programming courses called bootcamp have sprung up that prepare you to work as a junior programmer in as little as 3-6 months.

And not only are they having tremendous success, they are working. I know this because my girlfriend did one of these courses in 2018, and she and all her colleagues found work in just a couple of weeks. In case you are interested, the most famous are Ironhack and Lambda School. That being said, I would like to warn you that programming is not for everyone. Just as to be a good architect you need to have spatial intelligence and be able to "see" the angles in your head, to be a programmer you need to be able to think in a logical and structured way. If this is not your case, I am not saying that you cannot become a programmer, but it will cost you a lot. Resources to become a programmer The best company in the world (and how you can work in it). My experience working for 4 years as a programmer at Microsoft. CodeAcademy. Library of free and paid courses to learn how to program. Advantages of working as a programmer It is a profession of present and future. You will not lack work neither now nor the next years If you have a little experience and speak English, you can find a company that hires you in any capital in the world You will earn a good salary both if you work for a company or if you offer your services as a freelance Disadvantages of working as a programmer Making a programming bootcamp is quite expensive Not everyone has the skills to be a programmer It is a profession that changes very quickly, so you will have to continually train yourself in new languages ​​and programming techniques so as not to be out of date There are still companies that do not allow remote work 7. Work as a virtual assistant Earn money online as a virtual assistant All online businesses, even the simplest, require a lot of unseen tasks: answering emails, keeping accounts, solving small problems with the web ... Although none of these tasks is particularly complex, they take up a lot of time for the entrepreneur, who has to spend several hours each day doing these kinds of activities instead of being 100% focused on growing his business. As you can imagine, this is a problem, and it is the main reason why the virtual assistant profession arose a few years ago.
What is a virtual assistant A virtual assistant (AV, VA or Virtual Assistant) is a professional who is dedicated to helping bloggers, digital entrepreneurs or companies with all kinds of non-technical tasks. Ultimately, a virtual assistant is a problem solver. Someone who is responsible for making life easier for someone else so that they do not waste time with activities that are outside their zone of genius and can dedicate themselves to what they are really good at. The specific tasks that a virtual assistant performs vary greatly depending on the needs of the company and the entrepreneur for whom he works, but it is usually a combination of ... Support and attention to clients / community through e-mail Social media management Billing Basic accounting Design of images and presentations (simple) Editing podcasts and videos Data collection and measurement Support in webinars and courses Collection and analysis of feedback from readers and customers Collection of testimonials Affiliate campaign management Affiliate and provider management Process documentation Layout and programming of e-mails, posts and newsletters Agenda management Travel planning and organization Research and information gathering Event organization In general, it is a very versatile profession, which requires you to be able to perform differ
What do you need to work as a virtual assistant To work as a virtual assistant you don't need technical knowledge. You don't need to know how to program, design, or use specific tools. What you do need is high doses of spabilism. You need to be able to quickly learn to do any task assigned to you and get used to finding your life when you encounter a problem that you don't know how to solve. In addition, you have to be an empathetic, organized person, with great attention to detail and a good communicator, and you should not mind being in the background and dedicating yourself to supporting a great entrepreneur from the shadows. Resources to become a virtual assistant How to reinvent yourself as a virtual assistant and start working in knowmadas teams. In this mega guide, Mamen Pérez from the Knowmada Collaboration explains step by step how to successfully reinvent yourself as a virtual assistant. How to find your way and create a life that truly fills you, with Esther Rodríguez. Interview with Esther Rodríguez, the Travel Intelligence assistant, in which she explains why she left a secure and well-paid job in Madrid to dedicate herself to virtual assistance, and how this new profession has allowed her to return to her homeland and have time to Leftover to travel, stroll along the sea, dedicate to his multiple hobbies and enjoy his family, partner and friends. Advantages of working as a virtual assistant Does not require any specific technical skills Allows you to use knowledge or skills you already have from the offline world It is a very dynamic profession, which forces you to constantly learn new things Disadvantages of working as a virtual assistant It can be difficult to get a first job If you don't work for a project you believe in, it can be boring 8. Give private lessons as an online teacher Earn money online as an online teacher Every year there are millions of students who need help with their exams or certain subjects
Also, there are a lot of people who just want to learn a language for pleasure or because they just moved to a new country and need it. That means that there is a huge market of people willing to pay for private classes. And now, thanks to new technologies, these classes can be taught online. What is the job of an online tutor The work of a tutor is not a mystery. He is a person who prepares a class, meets with the student once or several times a week at home, in the teacher's home or in an academy, and teaches him what he had planned. Well, an online tutor does exactly the same thing, but instead of doing it face to face as it has always been done, he does it online, using a computer or tablet and specialized software. This is more comfortable for the student and the teacher, who do not have to travel, and is often even more didactic, because the class can be easily recorded and the teacher can use multimedia material to teach. What do you need to give private lessons as an online teacher The most important requirement to work as a private teacher is that you know the content you are going to teach like the back of your hand. For example, if you help students prepare for the math selectivity exam, you should know what that exam is like, what kind of questions fall, the best method to answer each one and the easiest way to learn it. And if you teach your native language, it is not enough that you know how to speak and write it correctly, but you also need to know the different grammatical rules and how to explain them to someone else. I know this may seem obvious, but the sad reality is that many teachers do not know its contents well, because it is something they learned long ago or have never taught, and that cannot be. In addition to mastering your content, to be a good private teacher you have to be an empathetic person, capable of understanding and connecting with your students, since if they don't like you they won't call you again. Finally, when it comes to online classes you will need to have a laptop or tablet with a good Internet connection, video conferencing software, and possibly a digital pen to be able to write, but luckily this is something that is available to everyone. today.

Resources to live by giving private lessons as an online teacher How to earn a good salary and travel the world by giving private lessons online, with Patrick Ohlenschlager. Interview with my friend Patrick, an online mathematics teacher who charges more than € 50 per hour, in which he explains how he managed to have that salary at age 24 and gives the keys to success as a private teacher online. Advantages of teaching private classes as an online teacher You don't need to learn anything new. You can become a private teacher of something you already know, like your native language or what you studied at university Once you have experience you can earn a very good salary working very few hours a week It is a perfect profession if you have a full time job and just want to earn an extra salary Disadvantages of teaching private classes as an online teacher Even if you know the contents you are going to teach, you may have to review them and learn to explain them well. At the beginning your income will not be very high It is a good idea to start teaching in person, until you get some experience and feel comfortable teaching 9. Sell courses online (infoproducer) Make money online selling online courses The training market moves hundreds of millions of euros every year. However, although teaching courses can be a very lucrative activity, face-to-face training has many limitations: You need a place to give the course Attendance will be limited by the size of that location People who do not live in your city have to move to attend your training You have to repeat the same thing every time you teach that course All these drawbacks - and several more - disappear if you turn them into an online course instead of teaching your knowledge in person.

How an online course works An online course is a training that can be done 100% through the Internet. It usually consists of a series of videos grouped by modules and lessons that are accompanied by worksheets and other additional material. In addition, some courses include tutors, question and answer sessions with the teacher, and even a community for students to interact with each other. All these contents are uploaded to a website and password protected, so that only students who have purchased the course can access them. Online courses have many advantages over face-to-face training: You only have to record them once and you can sell them for years People from all over the world can join them They have no student limit They have an immense profit margin because the cost per student is very low They climb very well That makes them one of the most attractive business models that exist today. What do you need to dedicate yourself to selling online courses The main thing to be able to dedicate yourself to selling online courses is to have something to teach. And it can't be anything ... It must be knowledge that allows a certain group of people to solve a painful problem or satisfy a deep desire. Once you have something interesting to teach, you need to convert that knowledge into a course that has the ability to take future students from a point A where they are now to a point B where they have solved that problem they have or have achieved that goal they want. To do this, you will have to organize your knowledge in a step-by-step roadmap, create the videos and the corresponding material, and upload all that content to an online platform. Lastly, you will have to create marketing materials to promote and sell the course (sales page, free training, sales funnel ...), and reach potential clients through your mailing list - if you have one - or by others. media like advertising. As you can see, designing and selling an online course is complicated, because you need to do many things that also require very varied skills. That is why, in the last year, launch agencies such as La Agencia Online or Trebol Digital have emerged, which are companies that help you create and sell your online course.

You just have to record the videos and create the training materials (with their advice, of course), and they take care of the technical part and sell it in exchange for 50% of the profits. Taking into account that a good launch can generate benefits of several hundreds of thousands of euros, it is a very interesting option for those people who have some knowledge that can help other people but who have no idea of ​​digital marketing. Resources for creating and selling online courses How to hack the system to succeed on the Internet in record time, with Roberto Gamboa. Interview with Roberto Gamboa, director of the Online Traffic Institute, in which he explains how in less than 2 years he invoiced 1 million euros selling online courses. The 3 + 1 keys to succeed with your online business, with Pau Forner Navarro. A 4-hour conversation with my friend Pau in which we talked about the different pieces of an online business. I recommend that you listen after 2:16:00, which is when we talk about online courses. Learn how to create, launch and sell your first online course in less than 60 days with this Vilma Nuñez training. Advantages of creating and selling online courses It is the online business model with the greatest potential. If you implement it well, you can invoice hundreds of thousands of euros or even several million in just a few months A good course can change the lives of students, so it is a very nice option to create a life for you Disadvantages of creating and selling online courses It is the most complicated business model of all. You need to do many different things and do them well enough to be successful If you decide to work with a launch agency you will have to give up 50% of your benefits
10. Do online consulting (consultant 2.0) Earn money online as an online consultant When you hear the word consultant, the image of a man in a suit and tie, who has studied an MBA, and who goes from company to company teaching managers how to do things better, comes to mind. Luckily, consulting does not have to involve any of that. There is a new type of consultant who can carry out all his activity online and which is very much in demand today. I like to call him consultant 2.0. What is the job of a 2.0 consultant? As I explained to you before, a consultant is not necessarily someone who works for large companies or is a business expert. A consultant, in the practical sense of the word, is a professional who knows a lot about a subject and is dedicated to advising anyone who needs help on that subject in exchange for money. For example, a person who knows international taxation by heart and who charges entrepreneurs for explaining how to start their business in another country with more beneficial taxation is a consultant. And an experienced traveler who charges to answer the doubts of other more novice travelers who are about to leave to go around the world is also a consultant. If you stop to think about it, the topics on which someone may need advice are practically limitless. Additionally, a consultant charges their clients based on the value of their advice, not the time it takes to give it to them. So it is a profession with so much potential.
And if that were not enough, to advise someone you do not need a suit and a tie or travel anywhere, it can be done comfortably from home, in jeans and through the Internet. What you need to work as a consultant 2.0 To work as a 2.0 consultant you need to become an expert in a very specific problem that affects a specific group of people. For example, you could become an expert in helping women eliminate the habit of snacking between meals, or in helping digital entrepreneurs to create a team that gives them more freedom. The key here is to understand the difference between knowing everything about a topic or sector and specializing in solving a problem. And is that the first can take you a lifetime, while the second is much faster and more feasible. That said, to become an expert in a problem to the point of being able to advise other people, it is not enough for you to read yourself 3 theoretical books ... You need real experience. Therefore, my recommendation is that you start by giving services and directly helping other people to solve their problem, and that only when you are well-tanned do you change your business model and dedicate yourself to giving advice. Resources to become a consultant Consulting Accelerator. The Sam Ovens course, the benchmark in this sector. You will be able to access the first module for free and half of the second, and if you finally decide to buy the complete program you can do it with a $ 500 discount. Of course: everything is in English. Advantages of working as a consultant It is possible to be a consultant for practically anything Your clients pay you based on the value your advice gives them, not the time you spend giving it to them Disadvantages of working as a consultant Before you can dedicate yourself to advising other people, you must be hardened by accumulating experience in the real world, which is something that takes time
11. Sell physical products through dropshipping Make money online with dopshipping The electronic commerce market has not stopped growing in Spain in recent years. Every day, tens of thousands of people buy products of all kinds through the Internet, and the number will continue to increase. Looking at these data, you may think that setting up your own online store is a good option to earn money from home. And indeed: it is. The problem is that very few people are successful with traditional e-commerce because it is a very complex business model. You need to create the web platform, buy in advance the products you are going to sell, maintain an inventory, get customers, answer any questions they have, manage orders and returns ... and a long etcetera. Luckily, today there are simpler options to earn money selling physical products online, and one of them is dropshipping. How dropshipping works Dropshpping is a system that allows you to have your own online store without having to manage an inventory or send orders to your customers. The idea is the following: You create a website where you offer the products of one or more suppliers People visit this website and some users buy your products Every time a customer buys you a product, you buy it from your supplier at a reduced price and ask him to send it to that customer's address The supplier sends the product to the customer anonymously Your customer receives the product they have purchased at home As you can see, with dropshipping you avoid the greatest risk of starting a conventional e-commerce, which is to invest a large sum of money in products that you do not know if you are going to sell. Also, you don't need to worry about tasks that are often problematic, like storing those products, preparing packages or going to the mail to send them. You just have to set up the online store, select good products to sell and find customers who buy them. Nothing else.

What do you need to do dropshipping To make money online with dropshipping, the first thing you have to do is choose what products you are going to sell and find serious manufacturers or suppliers to work with. Most people fail at this point, and they simply offer AliExpress products in their e-commerce with the inflated price. The problem is that Chinese suppliers are not always legit, and even if you find some that are, your customers will not be very satisfied because they will have to wait several weeks to receive their order. Fortunately, there is life beyond China, and it is possible to locate quality suppliers in Spain and Europe. For example, I ask a lot from a ham store called Iberuss that works with dropshipping. They sell very good products, and when you buy them they are sent directly by the supplier from the factory, but in this case they always arrive quickly and without problems. Make money online with dropshipping Once you have the products and the suppliers, the next step is to set up the e-commerce website, which, believe it or not, is the easiest part. Nowadays you have platforms like Shopify that allow you to create a professional online store in a matter of hours and without technical knowledge, so don't worry about this. Finally, when you have the web ready and working, you will have to get other people to visit it and buy your products.
There are different ways to drive traffic to your store (Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, SEO ...), but in all of them you have to spin very thin because if you spend too much money you will eat the profit margin. And it is useless to sell € 500,000 in products if then your expenses in suppliers and ads are € 499,000. As you can see, dropshipping is not a miraculous method to earn fast money online. It is a business model like any other, in which you have to work hard, learn from marketing and advertising, and in which you surely will not be successful the first time. So beware of false gurus who boast of numbers and try to sell it to you as the universal panacea. Dropshipping Resources I will shortly post an interview on my podcast with a friend who has been making a living off Dropshpping for several years. In the meantime, check out these other resources: A database of suppliers in Spanish, some of which do dropshipping. Free Ecomkers Training. An online course of 5 videos in which my friend Eric Valladares explains what are the keys to create an online dropshipping store and earn money with it. Advantages of selling products through dropshipping You don't need to invest in stock to start selling It is a business model that can be automated almost 100% It scales very well. If you find the right product and create an advertising campaign that works, you can sell many units in a short time Disadvantages of selling products through dropshipping The margin per product is less than if you bought in bulk Over time, some products go out of style and stop selling, so you have to find new ones If your customers have a problem or request a return, the incident will reach you and you will have to resolve it with the manufacturer
12. Sell physical products on Amazon FBA Make money online with Amazon FBA Amazon is the online store that sells the most products worldwide. Only in 2018, its e-commerce division billed more than 247,000 million, so with that I tell you everything. One of the reasons for Amazon's success is that not all the products they sell are theirs. Many are from external sellers, which allows the American giant to have a super complete catalog with which no other online store can compete. Selling on Amazon is a good way to earn money online by selling physical products without the complexity and risks of setting up your own e-commerce. And, in case you decide to take that path, you should know that you have different options. You can use Amazon simply as another sales channel in which to promote your products, and take care of everything else. Or you can take advantage of all its logistical power with Amazon FBA. How Amazon FBA Works The acronym FBA stands for "Fulfilled By Amazon", which means that Amazon takes care of all the logistics.

You send the products you want to sell to their warehouses, you register them on their website ... and they take care of saving, packing and sending them every time someone buys them, and also managing any return. In this business model, your role is that of supplier. Your job is to find or manufacture quality products that sell well and have a good margin; keep a stock of those products in Amazon warehouses; and present them with some photos and an attractive description on their website. Amazon takes care of everything else, obviously, in exchange for a commission. What do you need to sell on Amazon FBA To make money with Amazon FBA, the first thing you have to do is decide what you are going to sell. This is the most important step, because if your product is of poor quality, is not attractive or is not in enough demand, Amazon will not give it visibility. Also, if you make a mistake when calculating your margins, the accounts will not come out and you will end up losing money. To find the perfect product, you will have to search for interesting niches and opportunities within Amazon, and then find a supplier or manufacturer that can provide you with the product you are looking for. Here it makes sense to create your own brand and ask the supplier / manufacturer to personalize the units you buy with your logo and packaging, to give it a differential touch. Once you are clear about what you are going to sell, you just have to register with Amazon Seller Central, create the product sheets and send them to the logistics centers that they indicate. Be very careful with this last point if your supplier or manufacturer is Chinese! If this is your case, make sure to process all the customs papers well, and be very careful that they do not give you a cat for hare and send you a product of poorer quality than the one you have ordered. When your product units arrive at Amazon warehouses and process them, they will begin to sell through the web. From then on, they will take care of everything. You only have to take care of sending more units in case they run out of stock 🙂 Resources to sell on Amazon FBA Soon, I will post an interview on my podcast with a friend who has been making a living with Amazon FBA for several years. In the meantime, check out these other resources:

Tips for selling on Amazon FBA. The recommendations of my friend Pablo Domingo if you decide to enter the world of Amazon FBA, all based on his personal experience. How Ryan Moran Created A 7 Figure Ecommerce Business On Amazon In Just 1 Year. Interview with Ryan Moran, the creator of Freedom Fastlane, in which he tells how he created a business with a 7-figure turnover in just one year thanks to Amazon FBA. Sell ​​in FBA 2.0. Hermo Benito's course on Amazon FBA. I have not, but the people I know who sell on Amazon have spoken highly of him. Advantages of Amazon FBA Amazon takes care of all the logistics and customer service You have access to millions of potential customers who already use Amazon and who can buy your products with a single click The economic potential is immense. If your product is good, sells well and you have wide margins, you can earn a lot of money If you are able to position yourself as a brand, there is the possibility that a larger company will end up buying the business for a good amount Drawbacks of Amazon FBA You need to invest in stock to start selling The way from when you start looking for a product until it reaches Amazon and you can sell it is long It's easy to be wrong to do the math and lose money on your first order from the manufacturer The customers you're selling to are not yours, but Amazon's
13. Exercise your current profession through the Internet Earn money online by practicing your current profession In recent years we have experienced a true digital revolution. Today, connection speeds are faster than ever, today's software and hardware allow us to do almost anything, and it is becoming easier to access a laptop or the Internet. This has meant that many "traditional" professions have been computerized and can now be practiced from home or from anywhere in the world 100% online. How does this work from the Internet Exercising your profession online is exactly the same as exercising it from an office. You rent your time and knowledge to a company or offer your services to a series of clients who hire you, and in return you receive financial compensation. The only difference is that when you work online you do everything from your computer, without having to go anywhere, and instead of working with physical documents you work with digital documents. In many cases, this is the easiest and most immediate way to build a life for you, because you don't have to train yourself in anything new. But unfortunately, very few people consider this possibility. What do you need to practice your current profession online First of all, to be able to exercise your profession through the Internet you need to dedicate yourself to something that can be done with a computer. And fortunately, most service sector jobs can be done digitally. For example, you can work as a translator, editor, psychologist, designer, marketer, support technician, programmer, doctor ... and a lot of other things. However, if you spend your time picking tomatoes or building buildings, you won't be able to do it online. In addition to that, you will have to negotiate with your company so that they allow you to work remotely, change to another company that offers this possibility, or find a way to find clients in case you decide to set it up on your own.

In case you choose this last option, I recommend that you take a look at platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, Workana or Fiverr, which put freelancers in contact with people and companies that need their services. Of course, both if you end up working for a third party or if you decide to do it as a freelancer, in order to do your job well you will need to know how to use the corresponding software and have access to a good computer and a good Internet connection, but this part is simple. Resources to practice your current profession online How to get clients when you start from scratch and make your project take off. A step-by-step roadmap to start earning money if you decide to offer your services as a freelancer. Readers' stories: The price of having an online business and the 3 keys to creating yours. How Antonio Fajardo has managed to have his own schedule and earn a salary far higher than what is usually charged in his sector working as a freelance translator on the Internet. Advantages of practicing your current profession online You can work from home, with the comfort and flexibility that that entails You can earn much more than in Spain if you work for clients or companies from other countries with greater economic potential such as the United States or Switzerland Disadvantages of practicing your current profession online Not all professions can be done online It is not always easy to find a company that allows you to work remotely or start as a freelance Some people miss the social part of working in an office
Methods to generate income online that you should avoid As you have seen, the options that I have just presented to you to make money online are not magical or miraculous methods. They are real professions and businesses, and like any other profession or business they require time, effort and a lot of work to make them work. The only difference is that, when developing over the Internet, they offer a series of advantages compared to conventional routes such as greater freedom, flexibility of schedules or lower costs at the time of starting. Unfortunately, although the Internet is full of great opportunities, it is also full of bad people who take advantage of people's needs and ignorance to enrich themselves. Under the promise of "make money easy, fast and from home", they attract many unsuspecting people and sell them methods to generate income on the Internet that do not work and that only enrich those who promote them. So my advice is that if something sounds too pretty to be true, be wary: What do they tell you about a new investment system that gives 43% of insured profits per year, despite the fact that you know that the stock market only gives 7% on average and banks 1%? Be suspicious. What do they assure you that you can get rich in 30 days without working, while you see most people getting up at 7 to earn a salary of € 1,000 or € 2,000? Be suspicious. What do they offer you the possibility of generating passive income for life easily, but you see that all entrepreneurs continue to work like animals to move their business forward? Be suspicious. In my experience, if you really want to make money online, you have to think long term and focus on starting a business or learning a real profession. Don't look for the fast path. Better dedicate yourself to something that brings value to the world and of which you are proud and I promise you will do much better. In any case, to save you unpleasant experiences, I want to talk to you about some options to make money on the Internet that in my opinion you should avoid. Not because it is impossible to earn money with them or because no one has, but because they depend too much on chance, put your savings at risk or simply are not worth it.
Let's see what they are for you to be forewarned. 1. Fill out surveys or participate in market studies Earn money online by completing online surveys There are many companies that before manufacturing a product or launching a service need to know the opinion of potential consumers about it, and for this they carry out surveys and market studies. However, it is not easy to find hundreds of people with a certain profile who fill out those surveys or participate in those studies, so what they do is resort to specialized platforms to locate such people. You can register on these platforms to receive surveys and studies, and each time you fill in one the platform will pay you a small amount for your time that you can withdraw through Paypal, Skrill or similar. Why I do NOT recommend this method Although making money online by completing surveys is a legal activity, I do not recommend it because I think it is not worth it. And you just have to make numbers to check it: Completing a survey can take between 5 and 15 minutes In exchange you receive between 0.75 and 2 euros Therefore, in one hour you can earn between 5 and 9 euros Personally, I think that this is a low amount, especially if you compare it with what you can enter with any of the businesses and professions that I have recommended to you above (think that you have to subtract taxes, self-employed fee, etc.) But that is not the real problem. For me, the big problem with paid surveys is that you cannot fill in as many as you want, but only those that the platform sends you, so your income is limited, and also that the time you dedicate to it is lost time, where you are not creating an asset, learning a trade or developing a profession. And that's not to mention how boring it is to be answering questions about products that don't interest you ... My advice Don't waste time with paid surveys even if they might give you some money. Better invest that time in a more profitable option, that allows you to generate more income and that has a greater long-term journey.
2. Invest in Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies Make money online with cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Etherum, LiteCoin ... Surely these words sound familiar to you. They are the names of different virtual currencies that have emerged in recent years and that promise to change the world. And, as many say out there, they can also make you a millionaire. You just have to buy when the price is low, sell when it is higher, and cover yourself in the process. Quick, easy and effortless, right? Why I do NOT recommend this method First of all, in order to earn money online with cryptocurrencies you first have to spend your money buying cryptocurrencies. This should already be an alarm signal, because although investing in training or material to start a business is normal, in this case we are talking about a virtual and highly speculative asset, in which you can lose your savings overnight. Even so, this is not the big downside that I see in this way of generating income. For me, the biggest problem that systems have to make money by investing (speculating) in Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies is that they start from the hypothesis that it is possible to know if a certain virtual currency is going to rise or fall in price (usually analyzing how has behaved in the past or using a magic algorithm). Unfortunately, that hypothesis is false. At least as far as I know, predicting the future is impossible. And yes, you can look at the charts and do all the calculations you want, but the price of a crypto depends on many factors and past behavior does not guarantee future behavior, so nothing assures you that you will be right. Then, you can be lucky and the flute plays, just as you can bet on roulette and the number you have chosen comes up. You may even be lucky several times in a row. Hence there are some "crypto billionaires". But in the long run, be sure that you will lose (the only ones who win are the brokers, who charge beastly commissions per transaction). If you don't believe me, I challenge you to find some crypto "expert" to prove to you that they have been able to consistently win over a period of several years. You won't find it, because you don't actually make money investing in cryptocurrencies, but rather teaching others how to do it.
My advice Never see cryptocurrencies as a profession or a way of life. If you decide to invest in Bitcoin or in any virtual currency, do it only for fun and with money you do not need. 3. Do online trading (Forex, day trading, etc.) Earn money online with Forex Trading consists of buying online financial assets such as stocks, futures, cryptocurrencies or currencies, and selling them in the short term with the aim of making an economic profit (usually that same day, what is known as day trading or intraday trading) . In recent years, the world of trading is attracting more and more people because the lifestyle it promises is tremendously attractive: "Become a trader and you will earn money from home with just one hour a day of work. In addition, you will be cool and you will spend that hour interpreting graphics that no one else understands" But as I told you before, when something seems too pretty to be true you should always be suspicious. Why I do NOT recommend this method I admit that I have never traded, but it is a way to earn money online that puts me back for the same reasons as cryptocurrencies: It is a purely speculative activity, which does not add any value to the world and in which for you to win others have to lose In order to generate income you need to risk your money. In addition, your potential earnings will depend directly on how much you invest, so if you want to earn a lot you will have to risk a lot And above all, because I think it is impossible to predict whether the price of a certain financial asset will go down or up. But hey, let's give him the margin of doubt and imagine that what traders say is true and there is a method that allows you to win 60% of the time, which would be incredible.
3. Do online trading (Forex, day trading, etc.) Earn money online with Forex Trading consists of buying online financial assets such as stocks, futures, cryptocurrencies or currencies, and selling them in the short term with the aim of making an economic profit (usually that same day, what is known as day trading or intraday trading) . In recent years, the world of trading is attracting more and more people because the lifestyle it promises is tremendously attractive: "Become a trader and you will earn money from home with just one hour a day of work. In addition, you will be cool and that hour will be spent interpreting graphics that no one else understands" But as I told you before, when something seems too pretty to be true you should always be suspicious.

Open in Google TranslateWhy I do NOT recommend this method I admit that I have never traded, but it is a way to earn money online that puts me back for the same reasons as cryptocurrencies: It is a purely speculative activity, which does not add any value to the world and in which for you to win others have to lose In order to generate income you need to risk your money. In addition, your potential earnings will depend directly on how much you invest, so if you want to earn a lot you will have to risk a lot And above all, because I think it is impossible to predict whether the price of a certain financial asset will go down or up. But hey, let's give him the margin of doubt and imagine that what traders say is true and there is a method that allows you to win 60% of the time, which would be incredible. In that case, the theory says that in the long run you will get benefits, but in practice ... You will only win in the long term if you are able to apply the method well, which is not easy when it comes to trading with money. Every mistake you make is money that you are not only going to stop earning, but you are going to lose. At best, even if you do everything perfectly and operate like a robot without emotions, the total benefits you get will not be too high. And, although you win 60% of the time, remember that 40% will lose You have to be able to endure the bad streaks. For example, although in the global calculation the method may guarantee 60% correct answers, there may be a month in which you are unlucky and only win 40% of the time (even if you do everything right). When that happens, you should have enough financial and emotional strength so that this loss does not affect you. Sorry, but it doesn't convince me. I think that most of the industry benchmarks do not make money online by trading, but by creating a blog about trading, selling infoproducts or consulting on trading, or promoting products related to trading as an affiliate ... And precisely those are some of the options that I have recommended in this post (although obviously not focused on trading, but on other topics). My advice The stock market and the markets are great tools to get an economic return on the money you already have, but not to make money online. If you want to invest, always do it in the long term and forget about trading. 4. Betting on the Internet
In recent years, online betting houses have proliferated on the Internet: web pages where you can bet on sporting events of all kinds. On these websites, every possible result has a fee and, if you succeed, you multiply your money by that number, while if you fail, you lose everything. For example, imagine that you bet € 50 that Madrid beats Barcelona and the odds are 2.27. If your forecast is correct, you would get € 50 * 2.27 = € 113.5. Bookmakers set their odds based on the probability that each outcome will occur (the most likely results have lower odds and the less likely higher odds). That means that if a website offers a 6.00 fee for the victory of your team, it is because it considers that the probability of this happening is 1 in 6. So, technically, if you bet € 100 on that, it is as if you rolled a dice and bet € 100 that it comes out 3: it is all pure chance and statistically you have no advantage. Therefore, the key to making money online by betting is being able to detect bets whose odds do not correspond to the real odds of those results being given and bet on them. In this way, yes, you will have math in your favor and, in the long run, you will end up making money. Why I do NOT recommend this method Again, with online gambling we are faced with a method to earn money online that does not add any value to the world, in which for you to win others have to lose, and which requires you to risk your savings to generate income. This in itself would be enough to rule it out, but it is also very difficult to win money by betting. Realize that betting houses are very good at calculating their odds, because they have access to experts and much more data than you, so in the end, betting is like the casino: you depend on luck and the odds are not in your favor . Proof of this is that "75% of players in Spain lose money on bets and less than 1% win more than € 3,000 a year with them". This statistic is devastating, and should be enough to get you out of your mind the idea of ​​making money online by gambling. But let's imagine that you think you are capable of being part of that 1% ... Well, in that case you should know that if a betting house sees that you win more than the account or that you use a method that they do not like, it can expel you and prohibit you from betting more.
Game over. The reality is that very very very few people make a living from online gambling. And most of those who do, do not make money by gambling, but by selling their infallible method to others or by promoting the different bookmakers in exchange for a commission. On top of that, betting is dangerous. They produce an addition that can end in gambling, and that is something very serious. Therefore, I recommend that you be careful with them. My advice Bookmakers are like a casino: banking always wins. Therefore, if one day you decide to gamble, do so only with small amounts of money that does not matter losing and always take it as a game, never as a business or profession. 5. Play poker online
Poker is a card game in which money is bet. The grace of poker is that although your results depend in part on luck (the cards you touch), they are also connected to your ability as a player (how well you play your cards). So if you are good at it and you are good, in the long run you will end up earning more money than you have lost. Today there are many websites that allow you to play poker online, most of them perfectly legal, and that makes it one more way to make money online. Why I do NOT recommend this method Although online poker is not a scam and you can really make money from it, it is not an easy or quick process. Realize that you are competing with other people who want the same as you, and that you will only be victorious if you are better than them, so you will have to spend hundreds of hours reading, training and improving as a player. Also, in the event that someday you become part of the small percentage of people who make profits from online poker (most lose money), you should know that an easy life is not waiting for you. I have a good friend who used to do this for a few years, and he told me that he spent many hours in front of the computer and that he had to endure a lot of stress. And is that poker is a game of statistics. That is, if you are good, in the long term you will win more than 50% of the time. But on a day-to-day basis, you will have negative streaks due to pure bad luck, in which you will lose more than you earn and spend whole weeks clapping your dough despite being doing everything right. And I assure you, that is not easy to bear. In the end my friend ended up leaving him and becoming a yoga teacher, so with that I tell you everything. In short: there are better ways to make money online than online poker. Options that are less time consuming, less stressful, and more likely to succeed. My advice Dedicate yourself to online poker professionally only if you really love the game, have a natural talent for it and are aware of the lifestyle that awaits you. Otherwise, you can continue playing, but only as a hobby, not as a profession.
How to choose the right profession or online business for you Best method to earn money online for you Now that I've presented you with honest options for making money online (and many others that I should avoid), you may be wondering which one is the best or the most suitable for you. Unfortunately, there is no perfect method to find out. Your life is not an equation that can be solved. So my proposal is that you ask yourself a series of questions that help you choose. "Which is what I want?" Before opting for one or the other option, you have to be very clear about what you want to achieve: Do you hate your job and want to reinvent yourself in a new profession that gives you more freedom, or do you just want to earn extra money in parallel to your current job? How much money would you like to earn? What does "creating a life for you" mean to you? Always start by defining your vital goals, because depending on what you are looking for, one or the other option will be more convenient for you.
"What options have caught my attention the most?" I am sure that not all the businesses and professions that I have described in this article have interested you equally. There will be some who have discarded as soon as they read what they consist of, because they have not caught your attention, while others will have been very attractive and you may have even begun to imagine what your life would be like dedicating yourself to them. Obviously, that a future option sparks your interest is a good sign, so give priority to those businesses and professions ... but do not completely rule out the others. "In which professions or online businesses will I be able to take advantage of the knowledge I already have?" Reinventing yourself in a new profession doesn't mean you have to start from scratch. If you have studies and work experience, chances are that many of the skills you have acquired all this time will serve you in your new adventure. For example, if you have been working with Excel for several years, you can take advantage of this knowledge to provide Excel services or consulting, or to have a more interesting profile as a virtual assistant. Or if you studied journalism and know how to write well, it will be easier for you to become a copywriter or create content for a blog or a niche page. When in doubt, always give priority to those options where you can use what you already know and you are good at it, because you will start with an advantage and you will be able to advance faster. "Do I really want to be my own boss?" The idea of ​​having a business or working as a freelancer is very attractive at first sight. Be your own boss, choose when and how much you work, enjoy total freedom ... All these things are very good, I will not deny you. However, you should not forget that setting it up on your own also means finding and dealing with clients, keeping an accounting, taking care of legal issues, being under greater stress ... and not everyone is willing to put up with all this.

There are those who simply want to dedicate themselves to what they like, receive a fair salary in exchange and that's it. So you will have to reflect on what you prefer and choose accordingly. Do you really want to be your own boss, with all the good and bad that that entails, or do you think you will feel more comfortable working for a company remotely and with good conditions? "How much do I want to expose myself?" Different ways of making money online carry different levels of exposure. For example, there are options like creating a blog, which involve creating a personal brand, having profiles on social networks and expressing your opinion publicly. While for others, like creating a niche page, you don't even have to use your real name. Not everyone is comfortable being a public figure and sharing personal information on the Internet. In addition, although showing your face allows you to meet incredible people and attract interesting opportunities to your life, it also exposes you to trolls and destructive criticism, which can hurt a lot ... So before making a decision, consider how far you are willing to expose yourself. How to be successful with the profession or online business you have chosen

Once you have asked yourself the above questions, you should have more clarity on which is the most suitable way to generate Internet income for you. Now it's time to take action. Here are some tips to get you off to a good start. 1. Explore without obligation your favorite option When you have a more or less clear idea of ​​what you want to do, take a few days to explore it before launching into it. Read or listen to the resources that I mention in this article, do a little more research on the subject, and if possible try to contact someone who is already dedicated to it and invite them to a coffee so that they can tell you in first person what their day-to-day life is like. . This will help you confirm that your expectations correspond to reality. If after exploring a profession or a digital business you are not convinced or it is not what you expected, nothing happens: choose another option. 2. If you can afford it, take a good course There are different ways to train in the profession or the business model you have chosen, but in my opinion the best is to invest in a good course. How do you know if a course is a good course? Well, I usually look at the following characteristics: The creator of the course is dedicated to what he teaches and leads by example The course does not include “by weight” information, but rather shows you the fastest way to get what you want The course teaches you a system or gives you a step-by-step roadmap Other people have done the course in the past and have achieved results similar to what you want to achieve The course includes good support. If you get stuck at some point, you will have access to someone with the right knowledge to help you The course comes with a satisfaction guarantee, so you can return it if it does not meet your expectations
En caso de que no exista un buen curso para lo que quieres hacer o de que no te lo puedas permitir, usa el material gratuito que encontrarás buscando en Internet.
Avanzarás un poco más lento y te resultará más complicado que si tuvieses una hoja de ruta paso a paso, pero eso no debe ser una excusa que te impida actuar.
3. Empieza a acumular experiencia real cuanto antes
Aunque hacer un curso es muy importante, no debes olvidar que la mejor manera de aprender algo es haciéndolo.
Por eso, debes formarte lo mínimo necesario para poder arrancar e ir aprendiendo el resto de cosas que necesites sobre la marcha.
Al principio no te preocupes por tus ingresos.
Tu objetivo es aprender y acumular experiencia.
Una vez que seas bueno, no tendrás problema en encontrar clientes o empresas que te contraten.
4. Por norma general, no dejes tu trabajo
Aunque tu objetivo final sea dejar tu empleo actual, no lo hagas todavía.
Es mejor que empieces con tu negocio o con tu nueva profesión en paralelo.
De esta manera no estarás presionado por el dinero, podrás invertir en herramientas y formación, y te demostrarás hasta qué punto estás dispuesto a sacrificar otras actividades placenteras como salir con tus amigos o ver Netflix para cambiar de vida.
5. Ten paciencia
Crear un negocio o aprender una nueva profesión lleva tiempo y esfuerzo, así que no pretendas tener éxito en dos días.
Ten paciencia, sigue avanzando un poquito cada día, y sobre todo no caigas en el error de cambiar de opción a las pocas semanas sólo porque ves que el camino que has elegido no es fácil ni rápido.
Ninguno lo es, así que empezar algo diferente no solucionará nada.
6. Cuando llegue el momento, toma una decisión
Si eres constante y avanzas un poquito cada día, poco a poco empezarás a generar ingresos con tu nueva profesión o negocio online.
Y según vayas ganando más dinero y consiguiendo más clientes, esa nueva actividad te irá quitando más y más tiempo… hasta que llegue un momento en el que te resulte imposible compatibilizarla con tu empleo actual.
There you will have to choose: Do you want to take the step and work online full time, or do you prefer that making money online is still something you do in your free time to generate extra income? You already know that there is no right decision, so do what makes you happy 🙂 Good luck!

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