• How to build a strategic funnel, to increase the conversion of your eCommerce site.

This is probably the topic that every digital manager is addressing in this period. This isn’t really new, but are you really sure you know what a sales funnel is ? In the world of (web) marketing, and more generally in any business, a sales funnel represents the path of the potential customer , from when they enter the sales funnel until they become a customer, and then a fan, testimonial and brand ambassador.

To get to the end of this magical journey we have to make a clarification: as the name implies, the funnel is a funnel.

The sales funnel: from attention to the customer

As you know, the funnel goes in a lot but comes out a little. If in a sales process it is absolutely physiological that it converts a smaller part of those who enter the sales funnel (otherwise the funnel would be a tube), on the other hand it will be our task to ensure that as many of those as possible they enter the sales funnel they leave it as customers.

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sales funnel therefore aims to bring the visitor from the first step, the attention , to the last, the action , where the conversion takes place.

Best Sale Funnel-Free for Life

Only once a visitor potentially interested in your product or service becomes a lead or prospect , through certain actions, often called lead nurturing , which use automated tools such as autoresponders, can they become customers. But why is building a funnel so important today?

1. Cold selling is difficult

Unless you’re a well-known brand like Amazon, with a 74% conversion rate from Prime customers, selling to someone who doesn’t know who you are is difficult.

2. The vast majority of your site visitors won’t convert the first time they arrive

Statistics confirm that the vast majority of those who access a site leave it without converting .

Did you know that, according to a statistic, 97% of visitors to an eCommerce leave it without converting? Or that 67% of them will simply buy later? Or rather, it will if it returns to the site to do so. Hence, the need for an effective sales Funnel.

3. If you don’t log in, you lose the user (maybe forever) and your money too

Precisely because the vast majority of visitors to your site will not become customers as soon as they enter, it is essential to establish a connection, to avoid, for example, having spent money in conveying people to your site who then leave without ever returning.

That said, let’s get down to it: what do you need to do?

How to build your funnel

Simplifying, I wanted to distinguish four key moments that you will need to consider in building your sales funnel. You can go deeper into each step and move beyond these four steps, but here’s what you need to get started.

Step 1: build attention to your product or service

The first step is obviously to get noticed, in order to get potential customers into your funnel. How? You can use one of the many web marketing tools, for example:

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Organic SEO traffic
  • Google Adwords
  • Guest posting on other sites
  • Sharing on social media

Obviously, for each of these tools you will have to target in such a way as to get really targeted visitors with your product or service into your funnel.

Step 2: Build interest in your product or service

In this phase you can lead your visitors to a landing page , where you can persuade them of the quality of what you propose.

Step 3: Create desire for your product or service

If you offer a service, to stimulate desire in your prospect, you could offer a demo or a free trial version . This is the right phase, for example, to record some data , which will allow you to later contact the user who has already tried the product, through targeted remarketing actions .

And this allows us to move to the last stage of our sales funnel.

Phase 4: stimulates the conversion action

The “hot” lead just needs to be transformed into a customer: you could, for example, make an offer .

Do you already have a sales funnel? How does it work? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

In the world of (web) marketing and more generally in any business, a sales funnel represents the path of the potential customer from when he enters the sales funnel until he becomes a customer, and then a fan, testimonial and brand ambassador.

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